2012 DNP Graduates

Titilola Tolulope Adebanjo
Doctoral Project: Church Based Weight Loss Program among African-American Women: Ages 25 – 65 Years Old through Diet Control and Regular Exercises

Jennifer M. Barnett
Doctoral Project: Continuity of Care for Persons with Diabetes in the Indigent Clinic Setting: A Checklist for Nurse Practitioners

Irene Woods Bean
Doctoral Project: Hypertension on the Rise in Young African American Males

Latanja Lawrence Divens
Doctoral Project: Living Healthy with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: Strategies to Improve Health

Stephanie Rena Griggs
Doctoral Project: Evaluation of Culturally Competent Care in a Primary Care Facility

Yolanda Kenyatta Robertson Hill
Doctoral Project: Implementation and Evaluation of an Educational Intervention to Assist Pediatric Nurses in Assessing Readiness to Change and Confidence to Change in Families of Overweight and Obese Children

Sherida Lakeisha Jackson
Doctoral Project: Evaluating the Management of Underserved Type II Diabetic Patients in the Primary Care Setting

Janet Winslow Kelchner
Doctoral Project: Assessing a Process Improvement Protocol of Osteoporosis Screening within a Primary Care Setting

Nanette LeBlanc
Doctoral Project: Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus Type II: Adherence to Clinical Guidelines

Glenda Gant London
Doctoral Project: Implementation of a School Based Health Center Hypertension Educational Program

Chelsea René Mansfield
Doctoral Project: A Behavioral Intervention to Affect Adolescent Sexuality among High Risk Adolescents

Michelle McClure
Doctoral Project: Increasing Healthcare Providers’ Awareness of the Need to Assess for Sleep Problems at the Time of Routine Visits

Michelle Fournet Midkiff
Doctoral Project: Spirituality in Health Care: A Path to Peace—Using the 12 Steps to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Naomi Ruth Smith
Doctoral Project: Health Promotion for Weight Loss: Educating Parents on Childhood Obesity and Meal Planning for Healthy Living

Tammy Teresa Stewart-Dixon
Doctoral Project: Implementation of a Practice Change to Include Spirituality Assessment and Depression Screening in the Management of Diabetes

Angelique Griffin Torres
Doctoral Project: Adult Diabetes Mellitus Type II: Implementing a Cultural Based Community Diabetic Education Program for the Cajun Community of Raceland, Louisiana

LaLisa Patrice Wade
Doctoral Project: Health Literacy and Diabetic Outcomes in a Rural Indigent Population

Kathy K. Wright
Doctoral Project: Using an After-School Program and Canines to Improve Physical Activity in School Aged Children