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100 Years, 100 Milestones
How well do you know Loyola’s history? Join us for a trip through time as we spotlight major moments from the university’s first century.

Discussing Diversity
What role does diversity play on campus today? We examine the university’s efforts to create an environment that reflects and respects our multicultural society.

A Soul’s Journey
We take a look at a new book, Ada’s Daughter, by law alumna Jacqueline Maduneme, J.D. ’97, in which she chronicles her inspiring journey of overcoming abuse in her life.

Time to Write
English alumna Catherine Lacey ’07 balances a writing career and running a hip bed and breakfast in Brooklyn. Learn how she does it.


From the Den:

  • President's Reflection
  • News

Howling and Prowling:

Tracking the Pack:

Online Exclusives

24-Hour News
Get a glimpse into the lives of alumni working for CNN.

Field Research
We spotlight biological sciences student Marissa Leigh Senna’s amazing summer of discovery and research.

Following the Rabbit to Success
What started as a senior project when they were students has become a successful marketing agency for three young alumni. See how they are helping their clients thrive in the ever-changing media world.

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