Family, Music, and Unyielding Faith

By Carlyn Worthy ’12

We often hear stories in the media about “power couples.” These dynamic duos have what it takes to foster success by means of merging talents and, more importantly, effective communication. Couples such as the Miltons are living proof that love, respect, hard work, and determination will undoubtedly lead to success.

Music alumna Simonia E. Milton, M.M.E. ’00, and her husband, Archie K. Milton, have garnered unprecedented critical acclaim in music education, production, and ministry. Native New Orleanians, Simonia and Archie met while attending Xavier University of Louisiana, where they both received bachelor’s degrees.

Simonia received a master’s degree in music education from Loyola after teaching and starting a family. She credits her confidence in writing to her classroom experience with former Dean of the College of Music David Swanzy. She also cites former dean and current Provost Ed Kvet as one of her heaviest influences.

The Miltons taught instrumental and vocal music education in Orleans and Plaquemines Parish schools. Their goal was to introduce music to young people without restraints or barriers from the students’ backgrounds.

Simonia’s experiences in teaching middle school students of multiple ethnicities led her to write a series of articles for the National Music Education Association, published in the early 2000s. She says she was able to incorporate all races into her music, teaching her classes the Vietnamese National Anthem phonetically as well as “Lift Every Voice,” which would be performed every year during Black History Month.

“We love children and we love people. I think they keep us young,” Simonia says.

While teaching in New Orleans, the Miltons would take time off to sing and minister at churches in Australia, Peru, and Honduras.

“You could see on their faces how surprised they were that we took the time to learn how to sing in their language,” Simonia says.

The Miltons take pride and joy in the connections they have made with people through Gospel and Classical music.

“We had someone translate the meaning of each song so we could deliver the spirit of the music,” Archie says.

The Miltons’ work in Louisiana led to many accolades, including Teacher of the Year awards from the State of Louisiana and Disney, L.L.C., the “Artie” award from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., recognition from the Matteh Foundation of New Orleans, and an invitation to join the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

Within recent years, the strength and unity the couple harbors between them has been tested and proven triumphant. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Miltons were displaced to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, where their son and grandchildren resided. Just weeks before the storm, and again in January 2006, Simonia had spinal surgery, impacting her abilities to travel, teach, and perform.

During a period of recovery, which she refers to as “a convalescent time,” Simonia acquired the task of writing her first book. Friends and family encouraged them, saying their words could inspire others. Last year, the couple published the book She’s Vocal, He’s Instrumental: A True Story of Faith, Love and Music.

“When you read our book, you’ll see the affect that God had on our lives. He orchestrated it,” Archie says.

In addition to their book, the Miltons have also produced three albums, titled Inspirations, I’ve Got Joy!, and Faith Through The Storm, under their label, ArSi Records.

The Miltons recently celebrated 47 years of marriage. Their careers are a testament to their devotion to family, music, and unyielding faith.

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Carlyn Worthy ’12 (communication) worked as the publications intern for the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Their story of faith, love,

Their story of faith, love, and music is truly inspirational. Great article!

That is truly an awesome

That is truly an awesome story of two lovers and there music. God have truly blessed the both of you. The storm was just a test of the continued faith you all have. I can see that you all past with flying colors.Waiting on the Lord to fulfill His promises can be difficult. As time passes it may appear that there is no hope for fulfillment. The key is staying focused on the Lord, recognizing that He has a set time to bless. You all waited with patience; His promise will be fulfilled.

God Bless and take care with LOVE!
Pat Edwards Lee

I had the honor of sharing in

I had the honor of sharing in an interview with Simonia and Archie Milton as guests on The Review with Joy and Company 100.7 The Word Dallas-Fort Worth. They depict the happily ever after in marriage. After reading She's Vocal He's Instrumental you know true love sustains a marriage that weathers the storms and hardships that they encountered. Their faith in GOD never opened the door for I give up, but only everything is going to be all right. What role models they are.

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