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V.P. of Enrollment Management and Associate Provost Salvadore A. Liberto
V.P. of Enrollment Management and Associate Provost Salvadore A. Liberto

By Kate Trotter ’14

Enrollment in the fall at Loyola University New Orleans will be the highest it has been since Hurricane Katrina, thanks to the entire Admissions and Enrollment Management team and Vice President of Enrollment Management and Associate Provost Salvadore A. Liberto.

Arriving at Loyola University in 2008, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Associate Provost Salvadore A. Liberto brought along with him a strong foundation of his own Jesuit education—Jesuit High in New Orleans and undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston College. Before Loyola, he was vice president for enrollment at Newbury College in Brookline, Mass., where he and his team grew total enrollment by 45 percent; however Liberto says he felt a calling to come to Loyola after Hurricane Katrina hit.

When Liberto began his job at Loyola, enrollment numbers were extremely low because of Hurricane Katrina, with 500 students enrolled in the fall semester of 2007. With the efforts of the entire Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management staff, Loyola will be enrolling approximately 900 first-year students this fall semester. With an 80-percent increase in new students and a 114-percent increase in applications since 2007, Liberto is satisfied with the progress made since he began work at Loyola and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

"All of the things we have achieved and hope to achieve are team successes. No one person makes it happen. In fact, the work we have done was performed by this committed core of talented persons receiving the full benefit of the support of myriad faculty, staff, students, alumni, and administrators," explains Liberto.

Over the years, Liberto has truly gained an understanding of what Loyola can bring to students and has used the authentic view to draw new students to the university. He sees Loyola as a very real place, where students can be creative, show self-expression, and be free to create a life that is unique to them.

Liberto also knows the meaning and importance of a Jesuit education when it comes to the college experience.

“A Jesuit education helps us discover what energizes us, and students have to find a way to create a life where they are inspired,” says Liberto.

As enrollment manager, Liberto generates a strategic enrollment strategy that hopes to give students the best possible experience from enrollment all the way to graduation.

On the admissions side, creating a genuine profile of Loyola is an art of balance, according to Liberto. Understanding the market and generating a view that shows Loyola truthfully, and in the beautiful light that it deserves, takes skill and also a great deal of passion. Not forgetting the great value that truth can bring is essential to the job.

Additionally, giving students that are interested in Loyola an example of what they can expect if they enroll is an important step and one that continues throughout their years at the university.

Liberto, therefore, personally creates strong relationships with students, believing in the importance of each transaction made with a student and the impact it has on his or her decision-making to come to Loyola as a freshman or transfer, and also to continue with Loyola until graduation.

“Being a mentor to students and seeing their development from start to finish is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” says Liberto.

Liberto teaches students to stick to their passions and respond to what energizes them in order to continually stay inspired throughout their life. In fact, he teaches by example by following his personal passion of composing and performing music through piano and voice. Ever since he learned to play piano at 18, Liberto has produced four studio records and gives performances anywhere from five to seven times a year.

“Continuing my passion for performance has helped me bring creativity back to my work at Loyola”, explains Liberto. “I believe we are called to develop the human potential in both ourselves and others.”

Liberto says he’s lucky to have people around him who energize him every day. He can use creativity and inspiration to perform his job at the highest level and bring out the best in his team and the students he mentors daily. While enrollment is up, so are Liberto’s hopes for Loyola’s future and all the students that will be a part of it.

Kate Trotter ’14 (marketing) worked as the publications intern for the Office of Marketing and Communications during summer 2012.


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